Monday, March 2, 2009

Last week in Chely...transfering to Ekat

Hello Everyone,
I apologize for last weeks email. I am not sure what happened or why the email did not send. I will resend it today. Wow! I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of BJ and Britt getting married…and so soon! And, they are getting my car! You can tell BJ that I took Britt out in that car! Britt calls that night our EMO night, but there was some flirting going on…haha. All joking aside, I am excited for both of them! It will be great to have Britt in our family! She will make a great sister in-law. A while back I bought an awesome all white paisley tie to wear when I get married, but now that BJ is getting married and I wont be there I am sending it to him so a part of me can be there with him. I hope he will like it.
Anyway, let’s kick this email off -
MONDAY! …it was a ROCKIN MONDAY! We played some sports with the other missionaries in the –zero-ish temps, but still had a great time! Later in the day, Elder C and I went on splits to his area known as Lenonski. We went to a FHE of the district president from Chely and his family. They are super awesome people. Elder C and I gave a spiritual thought on miracles. I gave my thought on every day miracles and honestly I think it was an amazing spiritual thought, not because of what we did or said, but because there was a non-member girl there (president niece). She added here thought which were great! She is interested in finding out more about the church, which really left me with a smile on my face.
Later in the week, we met with Danic. We taught him about the plan of salvation…I love that lesson! It is the perfect plan! We also did a lot of tracting this past week. We LOVE tracting and being yelled at. It is somewhat a different experience here in Chely. Everyone lives in one big building and we have to shout through the doors so we always come across people who think we are annoying and they scream back at us…you gotta love it!
Friday, we had our transfer clean for three hours, which was a big pain in the bum…haha! JK! I also had to pack up and get ready to be shipped out.
We had a sports activity on Saturday, which was great fun until some drunken guy became extremely annoying as he pretended to be our Russian cheerleader. It was actually funny.
I am sure going to miss this area and especially serving around Elder C. He has become a great friend.
Since this Sunday would be my last Sunday before my transfer, I bore my testimony and expressed my gratitude for the opportunity I had to get to know the people in the branch. I will definitely miss all the great members here. We also gave a missionary presentation where I had to drink water without using my hands. A Babushka helped me drink it. You really had to be there to see how WAY FUNNY it was!

Gotta Run,

Love ya!

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