Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sharing The Lord's Message...Easter in Russia...General Conference...

Elder Dewey sharing the message on the ice?

He begins his search, leaving footprints in the snow...

and maybe hope in the hearts of these ice fishermen? (I'm not sure if he actually went out that far:))

Elder Shreeves and Elder Dewey at the Asia and Europe border.

Elder Dewey and Elder McKenna at the Mission Home
(Elder McKenna headed home.)

Elder Dewey and McKenna saying goodbye...
(Elder Dewey enjoyed serving with Elder Mckenna.)

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was packed full of exceptional and uplifting events. I especially enjoyed watching General Conference with the members here in Botanika, Elder and Sister McEvoy, Zhenya and her friend (former missionary companion.). Elder Holland never fails to deliver, nor to disappoint. I have to admit, Holland’s talk was my favorite and will be worth reviewing over and over again. In between sessions we had a snack. Russians always have sandwiches with one slice of bread, a slice of meat (usually sausage) and a pickle or cucumber. It’s my favorite, and so good! A few of us watched conference in English instead of Russian so we could soak it all in and not have to concentrate translating in our heads…just a little more enjoyable to hear it in ones own language….ha-ha!
(Note from mom - This beautiful picture of their lunch spread is from McEvoy's blog)

Elder V and I went out on splits this week. We taught Antonina and her daughter, Anya. They are amazing people. And… after our lesson they gave us two referrals! We were stoked!! Referrals are rare here in Russia, unlike Idaho…right BJ? Ha-ha. We will be meeting with the two referrals next week.

Since the weather has warmed up the majority of people are a little more willing to talk with us when we are out contacting, and not in a mad-dash to get inside to unthaw from the cold. We managed to get five new numbers…only time will tell if they lead to anything…always keeping high hopes though.

I am now at the point that the language is definitely not a barrier or a struggle and is actually a lot of fun for me. I can understand probably 90% of what is being said and I can speak it pretty well, at least I believe I do. I love learning the Russian language and still feel it is the coolest sounding language…Ever!

I’m lovin Botanika and the members here. It is an awesome area to serve. The people here in Russia are so unique in the sense that if they like you…THEY LOVE YOU!!! They are truly a great and caring people. However, if by chance they don’t like you then they don’t give a dang what you think! It definitely has its up’s and down’s. Ha-ha.

I was asked the question, “what is something that I see here in Russia that we normally don’t see in the states?” Some of what I see would be such things as huge apartment buildings that are old and somewhat scary looking, small elderly ladies (Buska's) sweeping streets for no apparent reason, and cars driving on sidewalks. Ha-Ha! Oh, and missionaries with dirt on their pants! I heard that doesn’t occur in Idaho…right bro? Hmmm And…people randomly saying hi to us and we responding with some funny comeback in English that they don’t understand, unless of course, they are being nice, then we invite them to English. Ha-Ha!

I was also asked, "what is something that I have learned about myself since I’ve been out in the field.” I would have to say, that I have learned that I am capable to do more than I thought. Also, it's amazing how I have learned this difficult language. And...have come to realize that I have a lot more to be appreciative for than I ever thought I did. It’s hard to explain the things a missionary learns while on a mission.

Well, that is it for this week. I am sending pictures as well.

Have a great week!

Elder Dewey

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