Wednesday, April 8, 2009


HUMP DAY! Congratulations Elder Dewey!
Dear Elder Dewey,
Your family is extremely grateful for the sacrifice, hard work and dedication you have given your mission thus far. You've always had a strong, firm and grounded testimony of the Gospel. It's been amazing to hear stories of how you've shared your testimony as a missionary, teaching the Russian people. We have seen your growth and love you have for the Gospel and the Russian people as you serve them. We look forward for this next year to learn more of what will come your way. You have made your mission come alive through your weekly emails to your family and friends. We appreciate you sharing with us some of the challenges and experiences you've had thus far. We are excited for you as you begin your down hill slope. This next year will go amazingly fast, remember to continue to cherish every second you have left. We send you our love and support and, wish you great success for this next year! We love you Chad and, grateful for your service. Thank you for your valient example.
Your Family
P.S. Thank you for your amazing outlook and attitude. ..And for keeping your excitement of being a missionary ALIVE!

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