Monday, May 18, 2009

Ikea's 40 MEATBALLS...Russia in the springtime...

notice the purple addition to the ear...haha
view from our apartment jumping allowed!

Elder shreeves and I (two mesa az. elders survive russia's winter.)

Russia in the spring... (nothing like the sacred groves, but it will do.)
Say being a goof.

поздравления от ekat,

I hope all is well at home. The work here in Ekat seems to be moving at snail speed. We are working harder than ever without much progress. It sure can wear on ones nerves. I know the Lord is forcing my patience, which I’m sure is something I am need of. Contacting did pick up while we were out on the streets, we managed to get a few additional contacts and then another great one while on the bus, so we will see what happens.

We went to a baptism this past Saturday, which was way cool!

I know I have mentioned before, the interesting things you learn about yourself while serving a mission. This week I thought a lot about how fortunate I have been through out my life thus far. While I serve among these great people of Russia and see them struggle with all of lifes challenges it really gets to me. I truly feel for them. I feel they deserve all the blessings and comforts that I have been blessed with in my life. At times I am astonished at all their many struggles, but more amazed at the amount of faith they have. Honestly, I don’t think I could go through half of what these people do. Their faith is more than I can even comprehend.
My goal this week is to truly lose myself in the work and try not to over think the future. I'm not going to worry about the numbers game and just stay focused on the needs of the people. I truly love the people here and love my mission.

We were supposed to find out about transfers today, but they decided to hold back for a week. I’m sure it has something to do with President Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson’s visit. We are all looking forward to this great opportunity. I believe it has been ten years since the mission had a general authority visit. I guess the last was about ten years ago when the mission first opened…exciting stuff!

We have been invited to a BBQ this week (weather permitting) by a family in our branch, the Drushkovy’s. We are going to their garden out in the country. It sounds like a great time.

The weather has been crazy. It warmed up, then on Saturday we had a rain storm, and now it has turned off cold.

Earlier today we all went to IKEA and had their “40 MEATBALL” lunch. Whoever ate all 40 got to join our “MEATBALL’ club, it was one of those moments that you had to be there for…but way funny.

I am sending a few pictures today from when Shreeves and I went to a meeting to see a lady and we got there too early so we walked around in a nearby forest….kind of goofy pics.

Sorry for the boring email today, hopefully I will have more upbeat, positive, and interesting news next week.

I love you all and thank for your support!

P.S. BJ and Brit – Don’t worry about your little Chad jr taking after his/her uncle…he/she will GROW into his/her EARS! They will be a little noticeable while young, but once he/she reaches the height of 6.6” the EARS will become less noticeable. Just remember the CHARM and WIT he/she will inherit!! LUCKY KID!!!! AND... don't let his/her grandpa and grandma call him/her Yoda ( the creature from Star Wars)...even if the EARS are pointing and flop over! I will be thinking of names you can call the MINI ME.
I'm sure I can come up with a few good Russian names...I will have them for you next week.

до следующей недели,
Старший Dewey

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