Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bbq in the country...suits chopping wood

Whatcha gonna do…

Hmmm…looks like I will be staying here in Botancia… And, let me try to say this without laughing… I will be killing yet another elder! Elder Sorenson will be my new companion and returns home at the end of this next transfer. I am at a loss for words... what more can I say?? I served with Elder Sorenson for a short time in Surgut while my companion was away on a visa trip. It was an interesting experience. When contacting, we would stand on street corners and Elder Sorenson played his violin while I talked with people (keep in mind, we are talking Siberia in November. I'm not sure you all know that kind of cold, and it was this az. kid's first winter in Russia! haha.) I have to admit, it worked out pretty well, so we will see how successful it is here in Botancia in the summer. I guess the thing that keeps me sane with killing off another elder and... always forever the youngest is that I love Botanica and I love the branch members here. The other stuff is just getting a little, you know_____! Oh well, whatcha gonna do!! Such is life!

The highlights for the week –
We enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at the Druzhkovy's garden home. We had a great time with their little kids. The Druzhkovy's have the cutest kids in the world! It was a blast.

I also had the opportunity to conduct the baptism of Oksana, Uralmashs investigator. It was the coolest baptism, Elder Shreeve baptized her in a nearby lake, and I lead the meeting in a little quaint garden house. It was an incredible experience.

A humorous moment from this past week...Elder Shreeve’s and I had to chop wood for the baptism in Revda and as people walked by, we received some pretty strange looks, confused as to why two guys dressed in white shirts and ties would be chopping wood. (I guess that would be an odd sight to see.)haha.

Upcoming highlights for this week –

President Uchdorf and Elder Anderson
will be visiting. Stoked!

Until next week,
Elder Dewey

P.S. Shreeve's is going AP...I'm hoping he will hook me up - it's due time. haha!

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