Monday, June 1, 2009

President Uchtdorf's and Elder Anderson's Visit...Amazing!

Pictures taken by the McEvoy's...thank you!!

( Elder Dewey is the one with his head down.)

It's been an amazing week. Sunday was by far the best day of my mission thus far! Yes, mom... I did shake President Uchtdorf’s hand along with Elder Anderson’s, but No…I did not get a picture to send home to you. Ha-ha. I didn’t want to be one of “those” that pulls out the camera and start snapping a bunch of random pictures, the memory of the entire experience will suffice and will stay with me. It was amazing to say the least! It was so great to see all the members from the different areas I have served in as well. I was surprised when they all remembered me…even my name. It was fun to talk to those from my "greenie" areas and actually be able to carry on a regular conversation. Ha-ha! They even laughed at my jokes...the same ones that I tried to tell before, however they could never understand me due to my poor language skills. haha!. But this time they got the punch line!! Ha-ha!
So back to the meetings - President Uchtdorf talked about how the members here in Russia are the pioneers and the gateway to the future…YES THEY ARE! The future members will always remember them and thank them for all their faith and endurance. We also attended a meeting for just the missionaries where Elder Anderson talked about how we as missionaries just need to take what the Lord gives us and make the best out of it, and remember that the trials we experience on our missions will mold us for the rest of our lives. President Uchtdorf also talked about not getting down on ourselves, and to look at life like a sunrise and sunset. There are always new days with new starts. My favorite was when he said, “Endure to the End Everyday”. I thought that statement was pretty cool, often times we try to take life on all at once which is an impossible task.

Well, I am with my new companion, Elder Sorenson and we need to get going.

Make it a great week!

Love Elder Dewey

P.S. I would love to hear from you…

Ali, the owner of my favorite tie store...he is way tight!

Elder Dewey and Arkad (member) Wow! a picture with someone taller than Chad.

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