Monday, July 6, 2009

tearjerker week...too many goodbyes...

Dear family and friends,

I hope everyone had a great week. I have to begin by saying that my week was one of those tearjerker weeks with some difficult goodbyes, but I will get to all of that in a minute.

For P-day last week, we went to the site where they killed the Romanov Family (Anastasia's family). We found this site to be a solemn and reverent place to visit, where beautiful temples exist, one to represent each person killed. I love was a great time!

Tuesday, we had a meeting and then a going away party for President and Sister Allen...a difficult goodbye to say the least. President Allen was a GREAT Mission President. It was one of the saddest days of my mission so far, along with Sunday, which I will get to later.

Wednesday, we had our last district meeting and we ended it by going to Subway together one last time. Later, we had three meetings; we met with Zhenya our missionary coordinator, Elena a really cool member, who fed us such an amazing meal, and then the Kaigarodovy family. It was a great busy day, but again...some hard goodbyes.

Thursday- We went contacting with two other elders and the sisters. Elder Sorenson played his violin, the others sang, while I talked with people on the street. It was amazing…we actually got some great contacts. I sure will miss Elder Sorenson and his violin. It’s funny, it seemed like I talked to a million people and while talking away I’m thinking how comfortable I was with it all. And for a moment, I reflected back at how nervous I was when first contacting, just the thought of having to actually open my mouth to speak something in Russian petrified me! Haha!
I hope to be of some help to the new Elder I will be training. It’s not easy being the “greenie” in a foreign and unfamiliar country with a difficult language to learn.

After contacting, we had a meeting with Kiril and Ina. They have the cutest little kids. We taught them a short spiritual thought. I also visited with Kriril about my upcoming trasfer to Dyoma, since he served a mini mission there he was able to share some great insight on the area.

Friday- We had a few meetings, but for most of the day we cleaned our apartment and packed for the new transfer.

Saturday- We had sports with all the elders and some members. Afterward, we hurried home, ate, showered, and headed out for another meeting with Ludmila. Later in the day, we had English club. Because Elder Sorenson served in this area a year and eight months ago those that attend English have gotten to know him really well and worship him.

Sunday- Again, one of the hardest days of the mission. During sacrament meeting while translating for the McEvoys, I wanted to stand and bear my testimony. I knew it was my last Sunday and my last opportunity. So, I finally got up towards the end and before I started to speak I looked out at all the people I have gotten to know and grown to love, and then found myself too choked up to talk and broke into a few tears. It was hard to say good-bye to everyone. But I wanted to express the love and appreciation I have for them and bear my testimony one last time before leaving. It was one of those tough moments. Later, we met with a less active. After returning home, I sat down to write a note to the elders that will be taking over this great area...the note ended up being an eight page book...ugh! SO INCREDIBLY HARD TO SAY BYE!

Next email will be from Ufa! Have a great week!

Elder Chad M. Dewey

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