Monday, July 27, 2009

A week in Dyoma...

Monday- For pday we helped a lady in Dyoma move furniture and rip wallpaper off her walls.It was pretty fun. Later, we met with Faniliya, our investigator. The meeting went fairly well, but not as good as we would have liked.
Tuesday- we met with our missionary coordinator to discuss the needs of the our area and the members here, and to try to implement some plans to get things going. We also had another meeting with Faniliya at her work. It was a better meeting, she accepted everything, and she said that she will keep reading and praying to find an answer.
Wednesday- was district meeting at the branch building in Ufa. It was great to see all my buddies. Afterwards, we had lunch with the district at a nearby bakery. Later that afternoon, we met with a really cool member. When walking home that evening, two groups of guys stopped to talk to us for a while about America and asked us all sorts of questions about America and asked us what we were doing in Russia. We had a great long conversation with them. Then some little girls started following us asking questions and wanted to know if we had got to be a bit annoying after a while. They asked me to teach them English, and I said "We don't know English", and she said, "What... you don't know English?", and I said, "sorry we are French". The little girl had the saddest look on her face. lol. I don't consider that a lie...just a joke!
Thursday- We had a great planning session for our week. I made Borsch soup that turned out pretty dang good! Later, we had three meetings, two being with members, and the other one with Faniliya. She fed us some pretty intense rice and chicken. It was amazing!
Friday- turned out to be a busy day with 5 meetings. Everyone was impressed, and the ZLs called to congratulate us and I told them if they call again for that reason then to please don't call. I am not a big fan of stats. It needs to be all about the people and the work and not about numbers. We need to stay in tune and focus on real work and the people...numbers are just numbers. We need to stay focused on building and strengthening testimonies and less concentration on impressive numbers to report.
Saturday- We made brownies to take to some members but they didn't turn out...our oven sucks. We had two meetings, one with Faniliya, we helped shovel a ton of turn for her in her backyard. A lot of her neighbors came over to help out as well. She lives in a little wooden home. My companion and I had a great time talking to her neighbors from Uzbekistan. My companion arm wrestled their son and the Uzbek won...haha! Faniliya fed us buckwheat and potatoes which was great!
On Sunday, after we met with Timofea. a cool kid in our branch ( the second counselor in the branch) we met Elder Anderson and Taylor at my old "greenie" apartment. That was pretty nuts!!!! I hated living there, it brought back some weird memories. Later, we had a meeting with some members and their daughter who is our investigator. The meeting went amazing! We gave a spiritual thought and then just talked for a while. I really love talking in Russian! After our meeting, we came home and crashed.

That is it for this week.

I love you all please send me some love through emails...please! I only received two emails this week...more support would be greatly appreciated!

Elder Dewey


Anonymous said...

Dear Elder Dewey-
My name is Ada Maynard and you do not know me but you may have the chance to do so since I got called to serve in the Yekaterinburg mission. I have been reading your blog since June when I got my mission call and I am always excited to see you write each week. I hope that you can continue to inspire those who are in Russia and that you will have great success in your endeavors. You are an inspiration!

-Sister Maynard

Dena said...

Sister Maynard - thank you for your comment to Elder Dewey's post. If you have any questions about the Yekaterinburg Russian Mission please feel free to contact us at You will love serving in Russia.