Monday, July 27, 2009

A rough week...

Dear Family and Friends.

Honestly, I don't really have that much to say. This week had it's struggles, good times, and difficult goodbyes. I said bye to Elder Basset, which was a hard one. He was a great missionary and very humble. It was sad to see him go. This past week just seemed to be one of those hard working weeks that seemed to be somewhat more difficult than normal. We did a lot of service, picking cherries and moving dirt. It was great to be outdoors working, and doing service is always a good thing.
We had some good meetings, including Zone Conference. I am feeling pretty spent this week for some reason. Things are coming along slowly but surely. I just wished I didn't feel so extremely tired. I don't like to admit it, but some of the pressures seem to be getting to me. I'm sure I will get in the groove of it all, I'm just feeling out of sorts right now, and not sure why. Everything just seems harder than normal and the pressure keeps getting turned up. But I'm still hanging on by a thread though so everything will be okay. I'm working harder than I have ever worked. We had a District Conference on Sunday. It was cool to see all the members from my greenie area.
I really don't have enough energy to write any more. I will try and write a better email next week.
I love you all and thanks for the support...Love Elder Dewey

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