Monday, August 3, 2009

Broken sofa bed...Cherries anyone?

Pickin Cherries

Elder Shreeves and Elder Dewey

street contacting

Dear Family and Friends,
I am sending six pictures today, which takes a while to do on the computers here so this email will have to be a short one. I know the pictures will make mom happy.
We worked a lot with less actives and active members this past week. The branch Presidency here loves me because I mentioned that I like to shoot shotguns, and since a lot of them are hunters I fit right in. They would like for me to stay in Dyoma for a while. Honestly, I would love to stay, but I might have to go on to something never knows. You just always have to be prepared to go on to do whatever is needed and asked of you.
We had the opportunity again to pick cherries.I love picking cherries, but not the biggest fan of eating them. We also had our apartment inspected by President Allcott last Monday, which I was a little nervous about, hoping he didn't think we lived like slobs. I try to keep the apartment somewhat clean, but lets face it, I'm a typical guy! haha! Anyway, the inspection wasn't too bad. President Allcott told me to get a new bed if possible because I currently sleep on a old sofa that is broken in half, it's pretty pathetic. However, I don't think I will have much luck convincing our landlady that I need a new bed though, for some reason she doesn't take a liking to missionaries..
Let's see what else is new.... just working hard as usual. Some sad news, our investigator with a baptismal date, broke her leg and because of hospital rules, she will most likely be there for the rest of the summer. We are going to stop by to see how she is doing.
I have also been coming up with a theory about how most people get consumed or caught up in worrying about life's uncontrolable prolbems. It goes off the theory from the book of the seven most highly effective people or something like that. ( I don't know exactly what it is called...haha!) The theory is that the concerns most people have are contained in a large circle, however we can only control a portion of that circle (concerns) or a smaller circle within the large one. So, we should spend our time focused on the problems we can control or solve, and possibly the smaller circle will eventually get large enough that we will worry less about stuff we can't fix or change. There is a lot more to this, but I'm almost out time so I need to cut this short.
I hope you enjoy the pictures, some are of a culture activity when we went to the Romanov's site where they were killed- (meaning Anastasia and her family.) I have one here in Dyoma picking cherries as well.
I love you all! Have a good week and thanks for your love and support.

Elder Dewey!!!

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