Tuesday, August 11, 2009

splits...picking cherries...more ties...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great week. Life in Dyom hasn’t changed a whole lot since my last email...still pickin cherries!lol. We had a great week and still hard at work. Here is a quick run down.
we went tie shopping for pday last week with some of the other missionaries, but nothing we found was up to par for me so I didn’t snag any. Later, we started our splits, which gave me the opportunity to work with Elder Thomas. He is a great Elder and we had a great time. Tuesday, while still on splits, we stopped by the Vietnamese Market in Dyoma. It was interesting to see that everything that was for sale was made in China. There were so many Vietnamese people there, and I found it kind of funny that I cold speak better Russian… not to be cocky or anything.lol. Oh, and we were able to snag 13 ties in total, all with amazing discounts. Later we went to visit a member who lives in Avdon, a little city outside of Ufa. It wasn’t that long of a trip, and I enjoyed seeing more of Russia’s countryside. She fed us some great tasting cabbage soup. She is an awesome and extremely kind lady. We had a great lesson with her as well.
After we returned to Dyoma, we went cherry picking again at Nina’s garden!!! It was a great time, except for when I came close to falling out of a tree. Not quite sure what happened, I guess I lost my footing or something. When we returned home that night we had a good long chat and soon realized that we talked most of the night away and didn’t get a whole lot of sleep…it was great though.
District Meeting was Wednesday and a few meetings with members. We stopped by the hospital to visit with Fanyila and take her some of my favorite peach juice. It seriously is the best juice I have ever tasted. I wish I could take it back with me to the states. We also stopped by to see her the following day as well.

The weather here as turned a little cooler with some added rain, which is a nice change from the heat. I guess you all know what hot weather is all about. Who knows, we may have experienced our last bit of warm weather and may be in for more cooler weather yet to come, but not quite time to pull out the warm Russian digs yet.
We watched the Testament for an activity back at the church building in Ufa. It was great to have one of the girls from Dyoma attend, she normally only comes out to English. She said she would like to start meeting with us and find out more about the church. We have a meeting with her tonight, I’m pretty stoked!
I taught Sunday school in church this past week, which was an interesting experience.
Well, that’s it for now. Remember to email me as often as you can. I love getting your emails so please keep it up.
Thanks for all your love and support,

Elder Chad M. Dewey

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The LDS Blogosipher said...

I think it's great to have access to a cherry tree on your mission. And peach juice and soup from members are great too. Keep up the great work.

Josh Jackson
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