Sunday, August 16, 2009

A quick hello...

Hey Fam and Friends,

I'm sorry, but I lost the track of time and so this week's email is extremely short. I will make up for it next week. We had a great past week and we are working hard. We have a lot of meetings scheduled for this upcoming week. The weather has turned off cooler and rained most of the week. Maybe summer is officially over here in Russia? Only time will tell. I promise to fill you in on more detail in next weeks email. Just know that all is well and I'm still lovin every second and time is going much too fast.
Okay, here is something I want to leave you with, and please make sure you make a comment on the blog as to your guess...
From the following list - what is the one adventure you think I would like to experience;
  • Live alone in the Alaskan woods for a week
  • Bike across America
  • Be a Shepherd in Israel
  • Be a fisher in Greece
  • Live in the Australian Outback

I will reveal my answer in next weeks email.

Have a great week,

Elder Chad M Dewey


Chanel said...


Dena said...

Is this a trick question? Hmmmm... Be a Shepherd in Israel?

beegeness said...

I say be a fisher in Greece

Bart said...

I think chad wants to bike across america with his dad!!!