Monday, September 14, 2009

A few questions for Elder Dewey...

1. What is one of the funniest experience you've had this past week?
Hmmm, let’s see... a funny experience... The only thing that I can actually think of at the moment that was somewhat funny was when we were walking home to eat a quick lunch, we came across a gang of goats (about 10 or 12 goats) walking down the road. When the goats reached a intersection they got all confused and started fighting with each other. The people at the bus stop started freaking out and swearing at the goats was pretty funny. Yeah, I’m sure you don’t ever see goats walking the busy streets back home. Haha!

2. Can you tell us a couple of interesting facts about Dyoma..
Well, here in Dyoma there is a different language called tatarian, (a weird language many Muslims speak here in Ufa) it means thief. Also, Dyoma has a railroad stop and a huge half a mile bridge that we run over in the morning when we go running with our Americanitz (that’s what we call him) Kevin! It’s beautiful when the sun is coming up. I will have to take a picture and send to you.

3. What has the weather been like this past week?
This past week the weather has been mostly warm except today. It is now super foggy, but I kind of like this gloomy weather… haha! it just matches with Russia (the structure of the buildings and culture here.) Actually, the gloomy weather is not so gloomy to me. I guess I’ve gotten used to it.

4. Who was the most interesting person you talked with this past week?
The most interesting person in the spiritual sense I would have to say was Tanya. We have been talking to Tanya a lot about preparing for her upcoming event. Her excitement is so cool to watch. I have seen a huge change in her in such a short period. There is nothing better than to see how the gospel changes people completely. It’s been a great experience for my comp and I to have the opportunity and privilege to teach her.
Now for a funny/interesting one...While walking around Dyoma the other day, we happened to run into a guy that was quite the character. He turned out to be drunk. It was pretty humorous as we watched him try to to get this very small concoction of a motorcycle started...something you would’ve had to be there to appreciate! Haha

5. What is missionary work like in Dyoma, and is it different from in other areas you have served ?
Dyoma is very very different from every other area in the mission that I’ve served in. We have to travel about an hour to attend church, and it’s somewhat difficult for everyone to take a bus every Sunday. I also miss not having an English club. But, all in all… everything is great! When life hands you lemons make lemonade!

6. What is one thing about the Russian people and culture you hope you will never forget?
I hope I will just never forget the people and how they are real and not fake at all. They tell you exactly how it is and how things need to be. I appreciate honesty in people and in knowing where they are coming form. They are a real people, I just hope I never forget the relationships I’ve made in all my areas.

7. What has been the most satisfying experience you had this past week?
The best experience of this past week was meeting with Tanya. It was a good meeting and she is progressing a ton. It’s difficult to pinpoint just one, there is always good things happening in missionary life!

What is the one thing that you hope the people you've had the opportunity to know remember you for?
I hope they remember me as a person of trust. Someone that they could always trust and rely on. I think that’s one of the most important things for the people here, is that they trust you. I hope they remember me for just being their friend and missionary and that they could always trust me.

9. What is one thing you hope for, for the members there in Russia?
Well, if I had one wish for them...actually two, it would be that they would someday have a stake here in our mission, and one day a temple. this would really strengthen them. Sometimes I wish they didn’t have to experience as many hardships as they seem to have. However, when I think like this, I am reminded that it’s the difficult times that help us to grow and become strong.

Well, I love you all and thanks for the support. Next time I will give more details and hopefully a few pictures!

Love you all,
Elder Dewey!

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