Monday, September 21, 2009

Tanya's experience...

Hello Everyone,

This past week has been an interesting was a week full of hard work, and great memorable experiences, but not with out a few worries mixed in there as well. I am not exactly sure where to start, I guess I will begin with Monday...
We went bowling on Monday for pday, and we also met with Tanya to discuss her upcoming baptism. She also had her baptismal interview, awesome.
Tuesday morning we went running with Kevin and just about froze our bums off!! It's freezing in the early mornings here!! You have to be a die-hard and a dedicated runner when it is so dang cold outside…not sure if I love it that much! Ugh! However, since my companion is a cross- country buff by nature, I join along. And, it’s worth it in the end…so what can it hurt. We had a few meetings - we met with Nina, an older lady who is very nice. It was a good meeting. We also met with Fanilya, which went well. However, I feel as though she may be taking a few steps backward, which is a concern. We will continue to work with her. I hope and pray the best for her.

We had a great meeting with President Lushnikov, Tanya, Kevin, and Natasha on Wednesday. We also played Settlers…in Russian! President L won though, but of course, I wasn’t playing my besthaha. Since it was in Russian it was a bit more challenging, but a whole lot more fun! We finished the day with another meeting and contacting. The weather is chilly now, which makes it perfect for contacting, as long as you keep walking to keep the blood flowing, awesome.
We had to make a trip to the church on Thursday to get some documents sent out, which took a big chunk of our day. When we returned, we had our regular planning session. We also met with Katya. After our meeting, we helped Katya replant a tree from another neighbor’s garden to her garden. Yeah, so I am getting used to doing yard work in the good ole' missionary attire.
Friday... a few more meetings and a whole lot of contacting, awesome.

We had an interesting and fun day on Saturday, which included a sports activity and a service project at the church. It rained most of the day, which caused everything to get muddy as heck! By the time we completed the service project we were covered with mud. We of course didn’t bring a change of clothes, so we had to go home in our muddy clothes. It was pretty funny… we actually had to pay the taxi driver an additional fee because we were so dirty. Ha!
We had an amazing Sunday!!! It was the best day of this week!! Here is a little more detail-
We arrived to the church building around 10:30ish to prepare for Tanya’s baptism. While we were preparing, we realized the font was not filling up fast enough, so we were a bit nervous. We finally had them turn it up higher to fill faster.
When Tanya arrived, she looked a little nervous, so we sat her down and explained exactly what would take place and how everything was going to happen. I have to admit, I was somewhat nervous as well.
It was great to see the entire branch from Ufa and our branch from Dyoma there… It was amazing! Hands down the coolest day and experience yet!
Well, I need to run. I’m sorry for the internet problems today. I was hoping to send a few pictures from the baptism, but I will have to try for next week.
Love you all and thank you for all your love and support.
Elder Dewey

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