Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bowling, Soccer, General Conference...and still no companion

Dear Everyone!

Well as usual this week was really good. Last p-day we went bowling with a lot of the youth in both branches and we all had a great time. I bowled with Anton Vacya and Casha in my lane and Anton kept getting mad at me for bowling strikes, he really wanted to beat me but it didn’t happen... ha! Later that evening we had a meeting and sent some more elders to Ekat. Tuesday we had a few good meetings and then English where I had to teach, it was pretty fun. We talked a lot about vacations; I think they really liked it. Elder Shreeve returned from his visa trip on Wednesday.

We played soccer with these really cool guys we met on Friday. We played in some sort of tournament and played three other teams. It was a really great time, but I am pretty sure they were annoyed with me because I’m not the best soccer player haha!!!!! Oh well. It was fun and we made a lot of really cool new friends. We also had a zone meeting to review some new rules, nothing too new. Later that evening we had an activity with all the youth. Our new member, Tanya went and so we went along with her. Saturday and Sunday... all about General Conference! Tanya came and she really enjoyed it. I also soaked it up. I believe it was one of my favorites. I took about 10 pages of notes while sitting at a desk the whole time taking it all in and writing as fast I could, it was pretty funny. I really liked all the sessions, but President Monson’s talk on service was my favorite. I especially liked the part of when he quoted from the scriptures about losing ourselves for others. I’ve actually had a lot of what he spoke about on my mind the past few weeks. Well, I am going to cut this email a bit short, I’m not feeling too great, I’m not sure if I am trying to come down with something or what it is exactly, just kind of feeling sick. I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Dewey

P.S. Still waiting on my new companion to get here.

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