Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well this will have to be another one of those lame rushed letters.. The following is a quick update of the past week -
Monday was a really great day. We all had a great time bowling with some of the youth. Bowling seems to be the activity that is enjoyed the most. We met with a terrific member family. We had a great meeting, and afterward he showed us his awesome fishing gear and…shotgun! I miss my shotgun and can’t wait to go shooting again with everyone when I get home. I hope you have taken good care of it and nothing has happened to it.
Tuesday- We had three good meetings.
Wed- I got pretty sick while at district meeting. I think it’s because I didn’t drink enough water. I gave a spiritual thought and then we went straight home and I tried to sleep for a bit hoping that what ever I had would go away. Later Wednesday evening we had another great meeting.
By the next day I was feeling back to normal and even had some BBQ pizza for lunch. It was funny because I didn’t tell Shreeve and Holden that we were going to Valentina’s later, she always feeds us a ton of food and certainly was well prepared once again when we arrived with a great spread. We were all about to burst, it was so dang funny! They were so mad at me but couldn’t do anything but eat what she had prepared because she is so dang nice to us!  Later we had a chance to work off some of that food we gorged by playing in a small soccer tournament. We didn’t do too great…maybe because we could hardly move! Oh well. However, we got our game back when we owned everyone in basketball! Friday, we went to place that is similar to Costco... it was so amazing!  I guess that sounds pretty hard up…huh? But it made my day when I was able to take home a bag of tortilla chips…haha. Later we had a few good meetings. Ahh I am running out of time …I gotta go!! I love you all! Bye!!

Elder Dewey

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