Monday, October 26, 2009

busy week...meetings, zone conference, splits

I apologize for the weak email I sent home last week; hopefully this one will be somewhat better. I was so rushed last week and I wasn’t paying attention to the clock and ran out of time. I will try and make up for it with the email I send home today.
Where to start?????
Monday! Well it was a pretty fun p-day to be honest; I was just missing home pretty hard core. P-days are getting more difficult to take…ha-ha. We went bowling and then we all seemed to get bored early on and decided to go walk around and do something different. We decided to stop by a couple of malls so I could try and find a coat, but I couldn’t find one cheap enough. I was pretty ticked off that all the prices seemed to be unbelievably expensive.
We had an incredibly busy day on Tuesday with mission coordination meeting with K-dawg and a whole load of other meetings. We had some pretty terrific meetings with some new investigators who were actually interested a while back.
Wednesday- ZONE CONFERENCE AND MCDONALDS! That’s about it. We were stuck on a bus from Ufa to Dyoma for almost 2 hours because of some crazy traffic! Bus rides are pretty crazy here. I’m sure I have already shared that with you a few times before. Half the time I have to stand up and the ceilings are so low that I have to tilt my head down and when the bus hits a bump my head bumps into the ceiling. Some people might ask "haven’t I learned my lesson yet?" No… apparently, I haven’t.
Our water heater broke on Thursday and was spilling water everywhere! Our neighbors were getting ticked off so we had to call our land lady and she called a guy who was here for a few hours making the necessary repairs. We also made some "pies" with a member. By pies - I mean dough with cabbage or apples in it, they were actually pretty good, but nothing like the ones from home.
I went on splits with Elder Ellsworth (my good ole zone leader)  last Friday. I was back in my old “greenie” - “new missionary area" (sorry pres it slips). It was a blast being with Elder Ellsworth he is a really cool kid and I enjoyed spending the day with him. It seemed somewhat strange after being in a threesome. Ellsworth is kind of “newer” compared to me, but can hold his own...I am proud of the great missionary he has become.
Saturday was boring...... Elder Holden got pretty sick, so we all cleaned out the apartment and studied.
We had two cool investigators who we call the "rockers" (they are into heavy music) come to the meeting. They are really nice cool guys. Coming home from church we got stuck on another miserable bus. For some reason I found myself thinking about home a lot yesterday. I guess it was because I had a pretty rough day emotionally. but that is a story for another day.
Okay, so here are some of the random thoughts that were swirling around inside my head yesterday.…. I have really been thinking a lot about my family and how they are the most important people in the world to me and how I so ridiculously regret hard core how stupid I was to them in high school. I am really glad that they will all be in Mesa when I get home and we can make some more great memories. The only awkward part will be that I will be the only one not married! We will need to fix that (sorry for the trunky comment). But honestly, I miss my mom, I have always been a “mama's boy”, but with a mom like mine who the heck wouldn’t, she spoiled the heck out of me! And, my dad is probably the smartest guy I know when it comes to the knowledge that really matters in life. I find it interesting and a bit scary how everyday I find myself becoming my dad with my stupid comments that I think are so funny but no one else seems to find the humor. And, I find myself not really caring what other people think about me, I’m comfortable with who and what I am….I guess you could say that I’m comfortable with just being myself, that’s exactly how my dad is. Also, my Sister is pretty dang smart as well, always willing to offer up her great advice which always seems to help. Often time I give her crap, and hope she knows it’s because she is my sister and that’s what little brothers are meant to do! And then there is my Bro who I haven’t seen in three years. We grew up side by side and at times went head to head… ha-ha! He is an AMAZING and a great example to me. I know I have tried to compete with him and have always won…ha-ha. I really do miss him and I am looking forward to hanging out with him again when I get home. And, I can’t forget to mention the Bro and Sis in law. I hope they know I love them too. Dillon is a goof and a half, but he is a really fun guy. Dillon and Brittney make a really fun couple. And Britt my sister in-law is way cool!! It’s hard to believe they are going to be parents shortly!!..... It’s crazy how everything all happened and so fast! I don’t know if I can compete with that, I believe BJ may have won this one…ha-ha!! I wonder what would have happened if BJ didn’t get a hold of my phone with Britt’s number?? Ha-ha! You all owe me one!!

Well I need to run… out of time!

Love you all,

Elder Dewey

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