Monday, March 22, 2010

Sent Elder Andersen home, New Comp - Elder Ellsworth, Amazing Investigator's, trip to Ekat,

Well, my letter home will have to be cut pretty short this week because I spent too much time trying to figure out how to get my new email account to work so I could send the stats into the office! 

Well, this week really has been a good one with spending the last few days of Elder Andersens mission with him. To be honest, he wasn't too trunky. We had a fun p-day of just kinda doing nothing, but those are always the best ones. We also had two really good meetings before he left. One, with a grandmother of a member who is on a mission. Her grandmother is a good investigator and fed us some amazing home made donuts, but yeah, they weren't too healthy so I had to watch my figure ya know? The next morning was an especially hard work out. haha!  Tuesday, we had another amazing meeting with a members mom who is not a member. She is the best investigator! Honestly, after the lessons I just expect her to tell me that she is already a member and just messin with us or that she is an actress, but she is the real deal! She is an amazing investigator and we really are working hard with her. She prays and reads and she is awesome. Her daughter is a strong member of the church too, so she helps a ton. The best part though, is seeing their faces light up as we teach and see how excited Galya (the member girl) is for her mom! It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hands down some of the best lessons I have been on. The funny thing is though, I am humbled with each and every lesson.  Whenever I go to teach I just get so nervous and I dont want to mess up or say something dumb but it always happens.  I am just grateful that she knows it's coming from the heart and that's all that matters. 
Elder Andersen is now gone. It was kind of sad sending him off, but he has a lot ahead of him in life so its cool. Elder Ellsworth (a young buck) came to me on Wednesday, and we have just been working hard ever since. We have a lot of work ahead of us and things are lookin up. I really like Elder Ellsworth he is a stud and a good missionary. (His mother would be proud!!) Well, let's see, the rest of this week was really good and busy.  AND... I am just soakin up Russia all I can before they kick me out of here. I gotta run! Take it easy. love you all!
Elder Dewey

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