Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Transfer...staying in Tyumen, Elder Ellsworth new comp, Organ Concert, Zone Conference...

Hey everyone,
I am down to my last transfer which means there will only be a few more emails home.  It's hard to believe.  I try not to think about coming home too often, however with killing off Elder Anderson this coming Thursday it's difficult not to think about it once in a while. 
I was hoping to make this email a little more exciting than the last few I've sent, however I forgot my letter i wrote out earlier so once again, this is going to be off the top of my head. Well, I will start out with the most important news...I received news about transfers on Friday and found out that I will be spending my last transfer here in Tyumen with Elder Ellsworth joining me,  which means Elder Ellsworth will be the one to kill me...awesome! He is a super cool Elder! 
So here is a run down of the past week -  
We had a great start of the week with a pretty great pday on Monday.  We were going to brave ice skating as a district then my companion and I wussed out because I realized that I have two left feet out on the skating rink and would only make a fool of myself.  By the way, Russians are like all champion ice skaters.  So instead of ice skating we went home and cleaned and went grocery shopping.   Monday night we had a really good meeting with a member and her investigator mother. It went pretty well and we will continue to meet with them.
We had another good day on Tuesday. We had English club and two other meetings with some members of the church. It was cool meeting with one active family who just had a baby girl a few months ago so the baby would be the same age as my niece Piper. It made me really happy and excited to think that I will be able to see Piper for the first time when I return home next month. 
On Wednesday we had district meeting and Sister Palmer made some really great food as usual. She even left the meat on the side for me!  haha...bless her heart!  We were able to help them get their printer fixed. Later, we went to a store called "Metro" it's like the Russian version of Costco, it was amazing! You can get awesome stuff there like peanut butter and Tabascos sauce! It's so cool.
On Thursday, Elder Anderson and I were able to pull something off that hasn't been pulled off in our zone for the past year or longer.  We had a "zone culture day"!!!!!!! It was pretty cool, we were able to pull it off because they had to come into the city for Zone Conference anyway, so we all went to a Organ concert. it was pretty cool, the music was even good enough to put Elder Palmer to sleep after the first 5 minutes... haha! Gotta love Elder Palmer, he is hilarious! Later, we went to some pretty good pizza place, but the only pizza they had without meat was potato and mushroom...  weird!
We had a really good Zone Conference as usual. I really love zone conference and seeing all the missionaries from the different cities, It's a blast to have them all stay the night at our house.
On Saturday, we went on little mini splits with the Assistants and had a good time contacting. Later, we had a meeting before English club with our cool vegetarian investigator haha!  It was pretty funny because they were trying to convince me that it was a sin to eat meat.  However, I know that is not the case, oh well.  After English, we cleaned up the church.  We had a great Sunday as usual. I felt pretty beat at the end of this week...but hey, it's p-day, so I can get a few minuets of rest...yay!
Okay, so I know this is another short less than informative email, but you know what they say about missionaries that are a few weeks from coming home...the letters/emails become shorter and shorter, I'm just going along with the norm...haha!

Well I love yall and I hope you are all doing well.
See ya Love you!
Elder Chad Dewey

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