Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Long Train Ride (too much time to think) , Great Meeting with past investigator...,

 Another week has gone by pretty fast. I first would like to start out with a big congratulations to all those Women out there in the world. It's "Ladies Day" in Russia!  It's a pretty big holiday, it compares to our version of Valentines Day or Mothers Day combined into one holiday celebration. To be honest, I was not  thrilled that this holiday fell on a P-day! We had to walk around forever looking for a place to do Internet and finally found one.
This past week was a great week. I was a bit sick on Tuesday, but there was no time to think about it, we continued on with English Club and our meeting. It was funny because everyone at English was flippin out that I was sick. They told me to go home and gave me some pretty crazy ideas of ways to get cure the flu/cold. For example putting garlic cloves in my nose or putting boiled eggs up against my nose would help and also drinking warm jello. It was pretty funny.  I just ended up going home and drank a ton of orange juice and tried to rest. The oranges here are nothing like what we have in Arizona, especially the oranges at Chases or Blake's place.  
We had a really great district meeting on Wednesday.  Sister Palmer made an amazing pizza for us.  We worked out some plans for our district here in Tyumen,  After district meeting we left for Surgut.  We were going up there to do splits.  The Palmer's also went to do some branch business. It was a lot of fun on the train for about the first two hours or so, but the next 14 hours not so much...haha! It just is a long ride. We talked, played phase ten, but mostly I spent some time pondering about life.  It's weird when you have that long to just think about things. I thought about all that I've experienced and the people I've had the chance to meet and get to know, and way's that I've changed, and how weird it is to see all this come to an end soon. I try not to think about it, but when you are on a train for hours it's a bit hard not to have those thoughts.
I spent Thursday with Elder Stoops up in Surgut. It was so cool to have a meeting with someone we met with when I was up there more than a year ago.  It was a really cool investigator who remembered how poorly I spoke Russian and was so surprised how well I speak now.  It was pretty fun, we just joked about it a lot. We had an amazing lesson with him and talked about how many times he prayed for an answer and he said two maybe three and I told him maybe that is why he hasn't received an answer because the process can sometimes be a lot longer process than only praying two or three times.  We talked about how it has been a real struggle and it takes searching for the truth and not just wait until we receive some sign.  Often times it is a strong impression or feeling that we receive and we have to listen to the spirit.
Friday morning we left Surgut and had another one of those fantastic train rides...haha.  This one once again filled with endless hours of deep thinking.  Luckily, I was able to sleep a little.  I missed a great English Club on Saturday, I had to translate for a different meeting. Later, we had a terrific FHE at the Palmer's...a great time!
I have decided that I am going vegetarian for the entire month. There are a lot of vegetarian's who come to English and even some in the branch and they would like me to try it in order for me to understand their point of view. I've decided to give it a try. Plus it might help me throw those extra 5 kilos I need to get rid of.
Well, I need to run.
I love you all. Have a great week!
Elder Dewey

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