Monday, April 5, 2010

A Roller Coaster Week...

Surgut Forest
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good thing I only have a few weeks clothes are falling apart
(Elder Ellsworth and Elder Dewey)

Elder Dewey and Elder Stewart. (MTC Companions)

Hello Everyone,

Well, this week was a complete roller coaster! It was pretty crazy. Monday-Thursday were pretty good days. We had a good show up at English club and some really good meetings with actives, less actives, and investigators. Friday is where things get really interesting. We had a really good meeting with one of our investigators and we watched the film "The Testament" which is about the Book of Mormon and Bible around the time when Christ lived. It is a really great video, but it does have a few parts in it that make you stop to think or maybe even worry just a bit what the investigator is thinking.  But in the end she loved the movie. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was really strong when we were able to testify at the end. So we went home and I felt like I was just floating on clouds, I was so happy and everything felt so good and so right. Then I received some bad news about something (don't really want to go into any details) that left me feeling pretty down. On Saturday we had a really good day, but I was still bothered by what I had heard. We had a Easter Party which was pretty fun.
Sunday ended up being the best day of the entire week.  We had a great sacrament meeting followed by a couple of other great meetings. We also were able to fast to help our investigators except baptism and receive answers to her prayers.  It was a great Sunday.  Later Sunday night we met with our investigator and her daughter who is a member. We talked about commandments and a few other things. It was a great meeting and it felt like a huge miracle was put right in front of our face. There are so many other details, but I can't really explain and I know I don't need to.  It's good enough to say that I know that the Lord lifts us to new heights after we have gone through the hardest trials unwavering. I really am grateful for this oppurtinutity I have to serve here in Tyumen.  The time I've had here has been amazing and I couldn't imagine a better way of ending my mission. Well, 2 more weeks!!
 love you all!!
Elder Dewey

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Bart said...

Way to go, we love you! I can not wait to hear all your great stories in person.